27 Flowers

by Colour in the Clouds

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What's left but antipathy?
Because hate is hard to bear.
I'll hide it in nuances because love is best kept unsaid.
I just hope you know that I held on,
Through every lie that you couldn't hide.
I was there for you like I swore.
But, when I left, I passed a funeral mute
Standing at the door.

I've been alone,
In these circles,
In these cycles.
You've built this grave
And I will bury you inside.

Built atop my bones,
Your love, your lust, your hope.
My skin will keep you warm,
As you dance upon my scorn.
You'll leave me behind;
A ghost of intimate lies.
A structure torn apart to create something better.

I'm caught choking on the letters that you left me,
Tears falling down my face in the rain,
As the garden begins to grow flowers from my pain.
I bring them inside a room that feels like home and begin to frame,
Each flower more detailed then the last
And the feeling of my fingertips across the glass.
I climb on my bed, I feel the hardwood under my feet
As I begin to hang flowers all over the room.
I hear you singing softly in the back of my head,
"For in death I am caressing you."
I feel empty and alone at this homemade funeral.
But all the frames and flowers were just faded pictures of you,
As I lay down in a bed for one
And turn into a ghost in front of everyone I love.

Our bodies belong in this garden we made.
Waiting for the rain to wash away the words we spoke,
While our love, our lust, our hope
Lies buried,

But will not grow.


released June 27, 2016
Written and performed by Colour in the Clouds
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Quinn Cyrankiewicz
Cover art by Brandynn Pope



all rights reserved


Colour in the Clouds Calgary, Alberta

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